About Dance Cue Studio

I believe dance education that builds on the foundation of passion with proper technique gives students the benefits of physical activity, self discipline and self confidence. I offer a family oriented school that instills lessons, values, and skills that students will carry with them in life well beyond classes.
-Sarah Pretz, Director

Styles of Dance


Poise, grace and coordination, along with music appreciation are accomplished through proper ballet training. The basic form of dance that can be built on with lyrical or pointe.


We have offer both pointe and pre-pointe depending on the dancers skill and age. This classical ballet avenue is taught from basics to the advanced techniques of pointe work.


Lyrical dance merges ballet and jazz, with a style usually danced at a faster pace than ballet but not as fast as jazz. Choreography gives the dancer a guide as they focus on the expression of strong emotion.


This theatre inspired dance style is encouraged for dancers ages 4 and older. Tap provides coordination, rhythm, and expression.


Different styles of jazz are taught from theatrical to modern movements. Jazz is often blended with tap and ballet to create new forms of expression.


A popular and modern style of dance associated with a wide range of current and ever changing music.


The perfect beginning for any young dancer. An introductory program designed to enhance rhythm, coordination, skills, and a genuine love for the art of dance. Complete with a special in-studio recital just for our creative dancers.


Pom dance features technical work of kicks, jumps, and partner work. Borrowing from all other style, pom routines are varied and complex. A unique style rewarding camaraderie and mobility.

Private & Custom

We will work with you to create a custom and/or private class based on special desires or special needs.

Classes & Fees

To sign up for classes, call, email, or sign-up online. We offer in-person, online, group, and private classes.

Not sure what's right for you? Come visit the studio or reach out and we'll be glad to help you find the right class.

In addition to each class's monthly fee is a one-time registration fee of $15 per student per year. And for those wanting to do the recital, there is a one-time recital fee of $70 per family plus costume costs for each dance.

DISCOUNTS Family and multi-class discount of $10.00/month for each standard class beyond the first. (The discount does not apply to the introductory Mommy & Me or Creative classes)

Some classes have multiple levels depending on the age and experience of the child.

Classes for the 2020 Season have already begun! New students are welcome at any time! Contact Us to set up a visit or ask any questions you may have.

Class Length Cost Age groups
Mommy & Me 1x 40-minute class/week $25/month 2-3  
Creative 1x 40-minute class/week $30/month 3-4  
Ballet/Tap 1x 45 or 60-minute class/week $45 or $55/month 4-5 6-7  
Ballet/Tap/Jazz 1x 60-minute class/week $55/month 7-9 9-11  
Tap/Jazz 1x 60 class/week $55/month 11-14 13+ Adult
Hip-Hop 1x 45 or 60-minute class/week $45 or $55/month 9-11 12+  
Lyrical 1x 60 or 90-minute class/week $55 or $75/month 12-14 13+ 15+
Pre-Pointe 1x 45-minute class/week $45/month 11-14  
Pointe 1x 45-minute class/week $45/month 12+ 15+  
Pom 1x 45-minute class/week $45/month 6-8 9-12 13+
Meet our teachers

Miss Sarah

Creative / Tap / Jazz / Ballet / Lyrical / Pointe / Pom / Hip-Hop / Private & Custom

Miss Lauren

Ballet / Lyrical / Pointe / Private & Custom

Miss Brooke

Tap / Ballet / Hip-Hop / Jazz

Miss Becki

Hip-Hop / Private & Custom

Miss Richelle

Tap / Ballet / Jazz

Miss Randi

Tap / Ballet / Jazz

Class & Studio Schedule

Classes on the schedule are based on demand and availability. Classes may be added, changed, or removed as needed. We always are willing to work with our teachers, students, and parents to offer the best for everyone. New students can join at any time. Contact us with any questions or comments! You can download the class schedule for your convenience.

Contact Us

Reach us at 402-590-2607 or use the form below to email the director at sarah@dancecuestudio.com
The studio is located at: 10841 Q St Ste 110, Omaha, Nebraska 68137